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     Our clients come to us with a wide assortment of needs and requests.  At times, the client is not even certain what their needs are.  But they have one thing in common – they know that they have a problem which needs to be solved. 
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   Our consulting process engages clients right from the start.  We begin with an in-depth assessment through interviewing key stakeholders in the organization.  It is imperative that everyone is moving forward towards a common goal.  We follow-up by providing recommendations on the best course of action to address/solve the issues.  These are based upon a coherent set of design principles and theories.  
   This may include a number of techniques and innovative solutions including:
  • Assessments
  • Executive Coaching
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Project Planning
  • Design/Redesign of Policies and Procedures
  • Process Improvements
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