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We provide comprehensive human resources consulting in recruiting, employee relations, leadership, talent / performance management, succession planning, compensation and job planning functions and responsibilities from both a business and HR prespective.

Individuals and teams can benefit from the services of a

Performance Consultant to assess both strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for a short and long-term performance improvement plan. Identification of individual and group competencies and utilization of a continuous improvement methodology ensures results are monitored and bencharks are established to ensure goals are met. 



Organizational Effectiveness


Training Design & Delivery

We design and deliver a wide range of instructor facilitated courses on topics from leadership, management and supervisory skills, communications skills, performance management, coaching, interviewing and selection, sales and negotiations, as well as MBTI and DiSC profiles and assessments.

OD interventions, executive coaching and advisory services, group facilitation and executive roundtables provide a framework for an organizational effectivenesss program at your firm. Planning sessions and 360 feedback surveys target difficult business problems and employ a wide variety of instruments to ensure that your problems are solved and messages are effectively communicated throughout the firm.

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